How To Remove A Bankruptcy and Public Records From Your Credit Report

Public records can impact your credit score in a variety of ways.

In the world of credit reporting, public records can include bankruptcy, judgments, liens, lawsuits, and foreclosures.

So how can you remove bankruptcies and other public records from your credit report?

It is important to remember that the big credit bureaus do not pull data from the court. Instead, they get verification from a smaller credit bureau like LexisNexis.

This is why if you have a bankruptcy or other public record, it will still appear on your credit report.

The smaller credit bureaus are the ones requesting your data and sharing it with the big credit bureaus.

What do you need to do?

We need to silence or suppress these smaller credit bureaus so they do not release our information.┬áRemember, if they can’t verify, they will have to remove it!

Learn more about it by watching this video. Click here.