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We are a comprehensive financial educational platform that helps people improve their finances, increase their income and grow their net-worth over time. The mission of the MyMoneyEDU is to help 1,000,000 people achieve a 700 credit score over the next 10 years so they can get started in E.R.I. (Entreprenuership, Real Estate & Investing).Our passion lies in empowering people with the tools, resources and education required to achieve excellent credit and financial prospority. Since 2007, I have worked with highly compensated individuals, independent entrepreneurs, pre-retirees and retirees.

We believe that getting your finances on track is a process that takes time, commitment, consistency and expert strategy. With that in mind, these are the philosophies I help my clients adopt into their current financial endeavors every day. One of the biggest obstacles I assist people with is effective money management. A wise man once said, "You cannot improve what you don't measure."


Movin' On Up

My beliefs stem from my own experiences and results in raising my Fico Credit Score 224 points and owning my own business. I believe effective cash-flow management is the foundation to building any financially successful home or business. Being an independent financial professional gives me opportunity to be a trusted professional, not just a product salesperson. By doing this, I'm able to provide the best options for my clients’ unique financial needs.

I graduated from North Carolina A&T State University in May 2009 with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a certificate of entrepreneurship. I'm currently a licensed insurance broker, investment advisor and financial planner.

As an entrepreneur my passion is in educating, speaking and equipping those who start this journey with the tools they need to become successful. If you’re an entrepreneur reading this page it’s my hope that the vision you see will become manifested into reality.

Meet the Team


Donni Wiggins
COO, Director of Business Development

Donni Wiggins is a speaker, author, entrepreneur and business development coach that is dedicated to helping people reach their breakthrough, unleash their inner power and unveil a life of prosperity. She is a serial entrepreneur that has been heavily immersed in both traditional entrepreneurship, digital entrepreneurship and the Multi Level Marketing industry. As a result, Donni has been able to positively impact the lives of thousands of people all over the world.


George Acheampong
Lead Financial Educator

George has a wealth of knowledge in the financial industry. He is a Registered Financial Consultant & Owns an Independently operated Registered Investment Advisory firm based in Charlotte, NC. We are proud to have George as one of our go-to experts here to help and serve you in expanding your financial knowledge.

George has a heart for serving and empowering people through financial literacy, which is why he plays a key role in developing & updating our curriculum while also focusing on our members to make sure they get the most out of their My Money Edu Membership.

George has a particular affinity for helping people manage and eliminate debt, learning to invest and maximizing their cash flow. When he’s not involved in all things finance, you can find him doing something physically active or traveling with his wife, Majesty.


Brenton Edwards
Credit Processing Specialist

Brenton was born and raised in Greenville, NC but currently resides in Charlotte NC. He studied Business Administration at North Carolina A&T State University. He later grew a love for marketing and it was a natural fit for him. In his free time, Brenton loves to spend time with his family and workout. He is grateful for all the amazing opportunities life has presented him with.


Noah Clark
Technology Support Specialist

Noah Clark was raised In Raleigh North Carolina and moved to Charlotte at 18 to pursue entrepreneurship. Doing so gained him the skill set in finance, marketing, and technology to help this company grow. He's happy to be apart of the team and is ready to help serve the MyMoneyEdu community.


Bri Haygood
Enrollment Consultant

Bri Haygood is a dynamic leader, team player and project manager with a proven track record of building and guiding top-performing teams, optimizing internal operations and cultivating business relationships. Highlights of expertise include contract and lease negotiations, market research & analysis, budget development, financial forecasting, and process improvements. .


Jaida Steele
Enrollment Consultant

A Huntsville, Alabama native, Jaida Steele is a financially savvy Millenial who loves educating young adults on the importance of financial literacy. She studied Economics & Finance at Tennessee State University, where she realized students were uneducated about making money, saving money, and investing money. In her free time she enjoys trading in the foreign exchange market and reading books. . .


De'Nita Canady
Member Services Cordinator

De’Nita was born in California and raised in Atlanta, Ga. She is a dedicated mother and a budding entrepreneur who loves all things fashion and beauty. She has a heart for service and is always looking for a way to help those around her. . . .

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