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Welcome from the MyMoneyEDU Team...

We are a comprehensive financial educational platform that helps people improve their finances, increase their cash-flow, and grow their net-worth over time. The mission of MyMoneyEDU is to help 1,000,000 people achieve a 700 credit score by 2029 or sooner, so they can get started in E.R.I. (Entrepreneurship, Real Estate & Investing). Our passion lies in empowering the community with the tools, resources, and education required to achieve excellent credit and financial prosperity.

We believe that getting your finances on track is a process that takes time, commitment, consistency, and education. With that in mind, these are the philosophies we help our students adopt into their current financial endeavors every day. One of the biggest obstacles we educate our students on how to overcome is effective cash flow and credit management. To that end, we believe once you have control over these, you're now in a position to start building wealth with your finances.


Movin' On Up

My beliefs stem from my own experiences and results in raising my Fico Credit Score 224 points and owning my own business. I believe effective cash-flow management is the foundation to building any financially successful home or business. Being an independent financial professional gives me opportunity to be a trusted professional, not just a product salesperson. By doing this, I'm able to provide the best options for my clients’ unique financial needs.

I graduated from North Carolina A&T State University in May 2009 with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a certificate of entrepreneurship.

As an entrepreneur my passion is in educating, speaking and equipping those who start this journey with the tools they need to become successful. If you’re an entrepreneur reading this page it’s my hope that the vision you see will become manifested into reality.

Meet the Team


Shamica Davis
Business Operations Manager

Shamica Davis is originally from SC and has called Atlanta her home for the over 20 years. She graduated from Greenville Technical College in Greenville, SC majoring in Business Administration. She has over 20 years of operational and administrative skills.

She has successfully built, developed, and lead multimillion-dollar operational departments during her career. Shamica has a go-getter attitude and looks for ways to work smarter not harder.  She loves spending her spare time traveling with her family, reading, and volunteering for various causes.  Shamica also owns her own full-service travel agency for over 8 years in Atlanta.


Allona Mae Rogelio
Sr. Operations Specialist

Allona Mae Rogelio is an experienced customer support representative for almost five years now. She also experienced handling teams with responsibilities of analyzing data, coaching, auditing calls, and attending to administrative tasks.

She is a young professional who is goal-driven, resourceful, and open to new and exciting challenges and experiences. She desires to work with a team where she can showcase her skills and contribute to the success of the company.


Jessele Escosio
Sales Coordinator & Customer Success Agent

Jessele is a competent customer service representative and a project coordinator. She developed her multitasking and communication skills through her past experiences handling these roles. She also honed her organizing and leadership skills which helped her become an expert in this field.

She loves learning new things, because she believes that learning is continuous. She also loves problem solving, as she believes that challenges keep her going. She is a positive person who always try to look for the brighter side of things because she knows that life is short to dwell on the negative things in life.



Jill Reyes
Customer Success Agent

Jill comes from a decade of customer service and sales background with strong leadership experience. In addition to her aptitude for communication and time management, she has a passion for learning and is eager to be a part of a dynamic workforce. She is committed to making each client encounter an exceptional one.



Yomi Sonubi
Digital Transformation Consultant

Yomi Sonubi is a Digital Transformation Consultant that helps organizations transform the way they work through the use of technology, system thinking, human centered design, and compassionate leadership. He has a Bachelor’s in Business administration from the University of Georgia-Athens with a focus on finance and management and has 10+ years of experience in finance, operations, and technology implementation working for a number of fortune 500 companies like Citigroup Investment Banking, McKesson Provider Technologies, and Home Depot as well as with a number of non-for-profit organizations. He is currently based in Atlanta, GA and enjoys meditating and activities that expand his state of consciousness.


Noah B. Clark
Sr. Director of Marketing

Noah B. Clark is a young marketer passionate about systems building and building client acquisition funnels. 

Once a client turned mentee; he's joined the team to best serve the MyMoneyEdu community.

He has been in his field for over five years and is always on the cutting edge of new techniques and tools to further his love of data science and marketing.


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