Entrepreneurs Are The New Athletes

You know why Entrepreneurs are the new athletes when it comes to getting money?

There are a lot of people out there just living their lives, traveling buying new cars, buying new homes, getting money basically. It’s because they’ve identified three important things.

The first thing is, as long as you got something to offer, you can make money. We’re keeping it simple. Most people overcomplicate this. It’s simple. Find something to offer. Provide it. Help people out.

The second reason is, they’ve identified the difference between passive income and active income. To put it simply, active income means you’ve got to make the money while passive income means the money is going to come in whether you work or not. And the target is to acquire passive income.

The third and last one, which may sound counterintuitive but I promise it will make sense, the less you work the more you make. Now, what do I mean by this? It simply means working smarter, not harder. The goal is to have more systems and processes that allow you to make money without you getting burned out and capping yourself.

These three things will make you the MVP when it comes to getting money so keep it to heart.

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-Kenney Conwell