Decisions Will Decide Your Fate

It is a common misconception that college graduates will be able to get any job they want. In reality, there are many people who graduate from college and still can’t find a job. The reason for this is because they have decided not to.

Your fate is determined by the decisions you are making.

Life does not ‘just happen’, it is the result of the decision you are making in your everyday life. Your decision determines your destiny and your success is just a decision away from you.

You like to clean your credit report? The decision is yours, you can either take action or just leave it there. You want to have generational wealth? You decide, you can start taking action today or wait for the perfect time which you’ll never know when could happen.

It’s not fate that makes people who they are. It’s our power to choose for ourselves. There may have been bumps along the way to success but your decision to move forward is what makes your triumph. So be careful with the decisions you are making, don’t be too hasty, and have a good look before deciding. But don’t take too much time that you can’t decide, because if you don’t decide, the universe will decide for you. It’s not just about the decisions you make, but also about the decisions you don’t make.

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-Kenney Conwell