Assets vs. Liabilities (is debt bad?)

I wanted to share with you some insights about your biggest assets and liabilities and how you can leverage not only your assets but your liabilities as well.

But first, let’s break down what assets and liabilities are. Assets are anything that you invest your money on that’s going to produce cash flow or gain more value over time, while liabilities are anything that is not going to produce cash flow or appreciate over time.

Some of your biggest assets are

  1. TIME – We need to invest in our time strategically because we can never get time back. Invest your time on things that matter.
  2. MINDSET – The way you think is your number 1 asset because this determines how you approach things.
  3. ABILITY TO EARN INCOME – This ability comes when we invest in financial education. With knowledge comes a greater understanding of how to earn money.

Our ability to earn income will teach us that not all liabilities are liabilities! You can actually leverage your credit as an asset. How can you do this? By taking the bank’s money and strategically investing it on things that will appreciate over time or provide you with cash flow.

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-Kenney Conwell