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Is a 10 week implementation program, focused on helping you achieve a credit score of 700 to help you achieve a better financial situation!

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Regardless of the situation you are living NOW with your financial life, we will help you in a personalized way!

We have a lot of experience in this market… We have already helped over 24,000 people in the last 2 years with this real life based program and with UPDATED materials according to things NOW

– Week 1: The Journey to a 700 Credit Score | 6 Modules

▶️ Program Overview & The Road Ahead | 0:53:32

A full overview of the entire program and what to expect with this program. This is by far the most important module of this entire academy.

# The Purpose of this Program – Financial Leverage, Education and Power
# General Housekeeping
# Important things to remember
# Program overview
# Why we Created this Program
# The Impact we plan to make

▶️ The 700 Credit Score Mindset | 0:31:59

his module is about shifting your mentality. This video will help you develop the habits to achieve and maintain a 700 Credit score.

▶️ Obtaining Excellent Credit: Old Way vs. New Way | 0:22:45

This module is about shifting your viewpoint about how this process actually works. This lesson will help you shift your perspective to the new way of improving your credit

# Credit “Quick Fixes” and how to avoid them
# The online disputing myth
# How to stop being an emotional score watcher
# The only 4 things that matter when improving your credit

▶️ Credit 101 – Understanding the Algorithm: How to kick bad credit’s ASS! | 0:31:08

This module is about understanding the credit algorithm so you can get it to work in your favor. This lesson with breakdown the entire credit rating system all the way down to the points.

# 700 CSA Overview
# Fico vs. Vantage score
# Vantage score breakdown
# FICO score breakdown
# Total available points
# Credit report vs Credit Score
# Credit report content is King

▶️ The Secret Behind Excellent Credit | 0:15:01

In this module, I cover the biggest kept secret when improving your credit. In the 700 credit score mindset I covered some very important principle when in comes to thinking about perfect credit.

# The first step to perfect credit
# Your brain and excellent credit
# How to transition from lack to abundance
# The 4 basics of success
# Natural laws and your credit

▶️ The 700 CSA Facebook Group | 0:04:11

Welcome to the 700 Credit Score Revolution and here’s to your success! Here we learn how to dominate and become whoever we want to be with our credit and finances! If you’re wondering if it works – it works. If you’re wondering if people are getting results – they are. If you think you know everything already – you don’t. If you’re wondering how you can get results – here’s how:

# Do the work
# Ask for help in the group
# Challenge negative items on your credit
# Pay your bills on time + build credit
# Repeat

– Week 2: Auditing Your Credit Report | 10 Modules

▶️ Pulling Your Credit Report | 0:12:09

This module is about pulling your credit reports for free. I show you step-by-step how to pull each bureau and so you can know what’s on your credit report specifically.

# Free Credit Report vs Credit monitoring
# AnnualCreditReport.com
# How to get a free copy of your TransUnion Report
# How to get a free copy of your Experian Report
# How to get a free copy of your Equifax Report

▶️ Credit Monitoring + Identity theft protect | 0:15:51

In this module, I cover the importance of having a paid credit monitoring solution. I explain the free versions, as well as the importance of identity theft protection.

# Free credit monitoring for TransUnion, Equifax & Experian
# Recommend credit monitoring + 3B + Score (Paid version)
# Identity theft protection
# Simplified Credit Content
# FICO Score options

▶️ Auditing Your Credit Report | 0:13:31

In this module, I show you how to audit the main parts of your credit report. This is a very important step in the credit repair process. Take action and follow the steps I’ve outlined for you.

# Auditing the main sections of your report
# What are Personal Identifiers
# What are Delinquent accounts
# What are Derogatory/collection accounts
# What are Public Records
# What are Inquiries

▶️ SmartCredit Audit Video Intructions | 0:12:36

Additional Resources

▶️ IDIQ Credit Audit Video intructions | 0:12:05

Additional Resources

▶️ Organizing Your Reports | 0:10:10

In this module, I’m going to cover how to organize all of your files into one place. One of the biggest causes of frustration and failure when repairing your credit is not being organized. Let’s get started!

# Why use google docs
# How to stay organized
# LiCreating your foldersneItem
# Uploading your reports
# Uploading your audit sheets

▶️ Fraud Alerts + Security Freezes | 0:06:44

In this module, I cover the difference between a fraud alert and a security freeze with the big three credit bureaus. I also show you how to add and remove them online.

# What is a Fraud Alert
# What is a Security Freeze
# How to add or remove a TransUnion Fraud alert or security freeze
# How to add or remove an Experian Fraud alert or security freeze
# How to add or remove an Equifax Fraud alert or security freeze

▶️ TransUnion Fraud Alert | 0:02:08

Additional Resources

▶️ Experian Fraud Alert | 0:01:30

Additional Resources

▶️ Equifax Fraud Alert | 0:02:53

Additional Resources

– Week 3: Suppressing Your Credit Reports | 19 Modules

▶️ The Suppression Blueprint | 0:14:14

In this module, I cover what file suppression means and why you do it. I explain what specialty credit reports are and how to navigate the e-oscar electronic automated system. I also explain metro 2 compliance and your FCRC rights as a consumer

# What is file suppression
# Why do we suppress our files
# What are data furnishers and reporting agencies
# FCRC Section 611(a)1
# The E-Oscar automated system
# Metro 2 Compliance

▶️ Disputing vs Challenging | 0:19:32

In this module, I break down the difference between disputing and challenging. I also go into more detail about metro 2 compliance and how these laws work for consumer reporting agencies. Lastly, I explain the major reason we challenge and explain the process in detail.

# The credit dispute method
# The credit challenging method
# The credit report & settlement agreement
# Why we challenge
# The difference between disputes and challenges

▶️ Online Data Suppressions | 0:02:13

In this module, we’re going to start suppressing the lessor know online data furnishers and specialty reporting agencies. This step significantly increases your chances that the reporting agencies not being able to verify your information during their investigation.

▶️ Data suppression company 1 | 0:04:15

Resource Cheatsheets with step-by-step intructions

▶️ Data suppression company 2 | 0:02:01

Resource Cheatsheets with step-by-step intructions

▶️ Data suppression company 3 | 0:01:19

Resource Cheatsheets with step-by-step intructions

▶️ Data suppression company 4 | 0:01:10

Resource Cheatsheets with step-by-step intructions

▶️ Data suppression company 5 | 0:01:19

Resource Cheatsheets with step-by-step intructions

▶️ Data suppression company 6 | 0:00:33

Resource Cheatsheets with step-by-step intructions

▶️ Data suppression company 7 | 0:02:39

Resource Cheatsheets with step-by-step intructions

▶️ Data suppression company 8 | 0:02:20

Resource Cheatsheets with step-by-step intructions

▶️ Data suppression company 9 | 0:01:08

Resource Cheatsheets with step-by-step intructions

▶️ Offline Data Suppressions | 0:02:00

In this module, I’m going to show you how to suppress the offline data furnishers.

▶️ Completing Your Suppression template | 0:02:32

Resource Cheatsheets with step-by-step intructions

▶️ Data suppression company 10 | 0:01:55

Resource Cheatsheets with step-by-step intructions

▶️ Data suppression company 11 | 0:00:46

Resource Cheatsheets with step-by-step intructions

▶️ Data suppression company 12 | 0:00:49

Resource Cheatsheets with step-by-step intructions

▶️ Data suppression company 13 | 0:01:10

Resource Cheatsheets with step-by-step intructions

▶️ Data suppression company 14 | 0:00:55

Resource Cheatsheets with step-by-step intructions

– Week 4: Creating Your Challenge Letters | 10 Modules

▶️ The Challenging System | 0:12:11

In this module, I’m going to break down the challenging system we use to address each negative item on your credit report. I’m also going to show you the formate to input your information on your challenge letters and how to ensure this is executed correctly for each of your rounds of challenges.

# T.O.S.
# The Challenge Sequence explained
# Data input format
# Using the template generator
# Staying organized

▶️ Identification Documents | 0:09:03

In this module, I’m going to show you how to find, use, and input your identification documents for your challenge letters.

# Proof of ID
# Proof of Address
# Proof of Social Security Number
# Passing vs failing documents
# Creating your 1 page ID document

▶️ 1 Page ID documents cheatsheet | 0:03:38

Resource Cheatsheets

▶️ Personal Identifier Challenge | 0:05:43

In this module, I’m going to show you how to complete your personal identifier challenge letter.

▶️ Hard Inquiry Challenge | 0:05:11

In this module, I’m going to show you how to create your hard inquiry challenge letters for TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax.

▶️ Negative Account Challenge (Collections/Charge-offs) | 0:07:05

In this module, I’m going to show you how to create your charge-off/collection challenge letters for TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax

▶️ Medical Collections Challenge Template | 0:05:08

In this module, I’m going to show you how to create your medical collections challenge letters for TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax.

▶️ Late Payments Challenge (PAANL) | 0:05:33

In this module, I’m going to show you how to challenge late payments with opened accounts. This strategy is specifically for opened accounts with less than two late payments reporting in the last 36 months. Accounts with more than two late payments shouldn’t be challenged using this method.

▶️ Public Records Challenge | 0:06:00

In this module, I’m going to show you how to challenge public records on your credit report. This template generator can be used for the following types of public records

# Discharged Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
# Discharged Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
# Judgments
# Tax Liens
# Foreclosures
# Short sales
# Child support in arrears
# Alimony in arrears

▶️ Student Loans Challenge | 0:05:16

In this module, I’m going to show you how to challenge student loans with the following reporting status

# Charged-off
# Collections
# Charged-off/Collections
# 120 days past due

– Week 5: Sending Your Challenge Letters | 9 Modules

▶️ Attacking the Bureaus | 0:03:29

In this module, I’m going to break down what to expect when sending your challenges to the bureaus. This blueprint is going to ensure you maximize your results with each challenge letter.

# What to expect with the challenge process
# The Challenge Calendar
# Mailing your letters (Round 1)
# Re-challenges (Rounds 2-8)
# How to mail your letters + How to fax
# When you should pay a negative account

▶️ The Challenge Calendar | 0:14:01

In this module, I’m going to show you how to create your calendar schedule for your re-challenge rounds 2-8. This system will ensure you stay on track for all your future re-challenges.

# Using the challenge round calculator
# Using Google Calendar
# Creating reminders for each round
# Staying organized and being proactive

▶️ Mailing Your Letters | 0:03:17

In this module, I’m going to show you how to mail your challenge letters without leaving the house. Once you’re done setting this system up you’ll know exactly how to completely send your challenge letters with a few clicks.

# How to mail your letters without leaving home
# Creating your online mail account
# Setting up your account for success
# Uploading your challenge letters + ID Docs
# Funding your online mail account
# Mailing your letter

▶️ Creating your online mail account | 0:02:48

Resource Cheatsheets

▶️ Setting up your online mail account | 0:03:25

Resource Cheatsheets

▶️ Uploading + Mailing Your Letters | 0:11:43

Resource Cheatsheets

▶️ Funding Your online mail account | 0:03:43

Resource Cheatsheets

▶️ Sending Your Re-challenges Rounds | 0:11:48

In this module, I’m going to show you how to process your re-challenges after your initial round 1.

# Processing tools and systems
# Scheduling future PI challenge rounds
# Sending your round 2
# Reviewing your results
# Horizontal Challenging
# Staying on track with your rounds

▶️ When to Pay a Negative Account | 0:11:43

In this module, I go answer one of the biggest questions when challenging negative items on your credit report “Do I still need to pay the account once I get it removed?”. This is a very important lesson so let’s get started.

# Removal doesn’t mean gone
# When you’re forced to pay
# Types of accounts to settle
# When and why we settle
# Pay-for-delete removal

– Week 6: Building Starter Credit | 5 Modules

▶️ Building Your Credit Foundation | 0:30:19

In this module, I’m going to breakdown how to build a solid credit foundation. This week is all about understanding how to have the right accounts reporting on your credit reports.

# 700 CSA review
# Maximizing the 412.5
# What are primary tradelines
# Why you should never close credit cards
# How to calculate your credit age
# The road to an 800 FICO score

▶️ Revolving vs. Installment Credit | 0:20:36

In this module, I’m going to break down the difference between revolving and installment credit accounts. At the end of this you will have a thorough understanding of both and understand how both affect your credit score.

# What is revolving credit
# What is installment credit
# Types of revolving credit accounts
# Types of installment credit
# How the debt to income ratio works

▶️ The Holy Grail Credit Mix | 0:09:47

In this module, I breakdown why your mix of revolving and installment credit accounts is so important to achieving a 700 credit score. I also explain the proper account ratio and the total number of each to start with when building your credit history from scratch.

# How FICO determines your credit mix
# What is the perfect credit mix
# Total number of revolving accounts
# Total number of installment accounts
# The credit mix foundation

▶️ The 20K Blueprint: Revolving Credit | 0:16:10

In this module, I’m going to show you how to apply for up to 20,200 in guaranteed revolving lines of credit practically guaranteed. I’m also going to show you how to maximize these accounts and how to ensure lower your overall credit utilization

# Utilization audit
# How to maximize these accounts
# 8 rebuilding revolving accounts
# Staying organized with your accounts

▶️ The Installment Credit Blueprint | 0:13:31

In this module, I’m going to show you how to establish installment credit practically guaranteed without having to take out a personal, auto, home, or student loan. This module will give you a breakdown or where and how to establish these accounts.

# Installment account audit
# How to maximize these accounts
# 3 Guaranteed installment accounts

– Week 7: Mastering Your Cashflow | 8 Modules

▶️ Your Money. Past. Present. Future. | 0:25:00

In this module, I’m going to explain how to implement a cash flow control system with your finances. I cover how to ensure your past, present and future money decisions are addressed.

# Understanding the 3 Buckets
# Creating Your Cash Flow System
# Automating your finances
# Accountability: MyCashClarity System
# Increasing your cash flow

▶️ Creating Your Cashflow System | 0:28:19

In this module, I’m going to show you how to create your cash flow system step-by-step. We’re going to identify all three buckets (Past.Present.Future) using our cashflow template, then I’m going to walk you through how to live in your financial stretch zone. Lastly, We’re going to complete a 7-14 day spending challenge.

# Finding your sweet spot
# Customizing your template
# Defining your buckets
# Creating your MyCashClarity Account
# Auditing your spending
# Daily Expense tracker

▶️ MyCashClarity V2 | 0:11:08

Additional Resources

▶️ Automating Your Finances | 0:24:39

In this module, I’m going to show you how to automate your finances to ensure you’re successful. Automation trumps determination. I’m also going to break down the power of having separate accounts and introduce you to an excellent place to open up free checking and savings accounts.

# Parkinsons law and your money
# The power of separate accounts
# The account organization system
# Automating your expenses
# Establishing additional accounts

▶️ Creating Your Checking & Savings | 0:03:42

Additional Resources

▶️ Accountability: Staying on Track | 0:28:10

In this module, I cover how to hold yourself accountable and stay on track with your new cash flow system while at the same time ensuring your hard work with your credit score.

# The Cash Success meeting
# Customizing your MCC system
# Syncing your accounts with MCC
# Reducing bank and late fee’s
# Financial clarity with your transactions
# Your balance sheet, liquidity & budget

▶️ Increasing Your Cash Flow | 0:08:17

In this module, I’m going to review a simple strategy you can implement to increase your net take home pay assuming you’re working a traditional job. This strategy is specifically for traditional W-2 employees that have taxes withheld on their paycheck. If you’re self-employed or a 1099 independent contractor then this strategy will not apply to you.

# Big refund big tax bill
# W-4 Form explained
# Why people overpay in taxes
# Allowance vs exemptions
# How to update your W-4 Form
# Projecting your Cash Flow Increase
# IRS withholding calculator

▶️ How to fill out a W4 Form 2020 | 0:17:56

Resource Cheat Sheet

– Week 8: Thinking like the Banks | 7 Modules

▶️ Think like the banks | 0:31:35

In this module, I break down how to think like the bank. It’s important to understand how to banks view you as a borrower so you can increase your chances of being approved for financing. Furthermore, once you understand things from their perspective, you know know how you position your credit and finances to leverage their money to build wealth the same way they do.

# How to maximize this week
# Types of financial institutions
# The 4 C’s of lending
# The lending transaction
# Automated underwriting

▶️ Doing Your Research: How to Get Approved | 0:33:47

In this module, I’m going to show you how to do your research before applying for credit. The principles and tools I cover in this lesson are primarily centered around getting approved for “Introductory offer” credit cards. Specifically, I show you what to look for additional credit cards to increase your revolving lines of credit with credit cards you can use same as cash.

# The Credit Card Tier system
# Credit Profile requirements
# Credit card research tools
# Credit data points
# Chase 5/24
# Tier 3 Credit Cards

▶️ Application Rules + Credit Card Teirs | 0:40:18

In this module, I cover the application rules for the major credit card issuers for perks and points. I also explain tier 3 through tier 6 cards with specific examples. Lastly, I explain how to combine you’re hard inquires when applying for new credit cards.

# Credit Card base
# Application Rules
# Tier 3 Card
# Tier 4 Cards
# Tier 5 Cards
# Tier 6 Cards
# How to combine Inquires

▶️ How to Fill out credit card applications | 0:39:33

In this module, I’m going to show you how to apply for credit card applications. Now that you know how to do your research, understand the credit card tier system, the application rules, and how the automated underwriting system works; it’s time to get some more credit.

# Finding the application links
# Staying organized
# Filling out the applications
# The mass submission
# The Reconsideration line
# Managing billing date

▶️ Bonus: How to book Flights using points! | 0:08:00

In this video, i show you how to book a flight using credit card points. I show the difference between American Express MR (Membership Rewards) points and Chase UR (Ultimate RewardS) Points. The Chase business Ink card is a Tier 3 business credit card and the American Express Platinum is a Tier 5 business card.

# American Express Travel
# Chase Travel
# MR Points
# UR Points
# Flight booking
# Deciding which points to use

▶️ Bonus: How to book Hotels using points | 0:03:18

In this video, I show you the power of credit card points to book a hotel room. I show how I book a hotel room with no money out of pocket using only my Chase Marriott Bonvoy credit card points. If you like Marriott hotels, this is a solid card to add to your credit

# Chase Marriott Bonvoy
# Credit Card base
# Tier 4 Credit Card
# Rewards Points
# Bonus video: Booking a flight + Hotel using only AMEX Points

▶️ How to Leverage American Express Rewards Points | 0:10:00

Learn how to leverage American Express Rewards Points

– Week 9: The Authorized User Blueprint | 4 Modules

▶️ Authorized User Accounts Explained | 0:21:33

In this module, I explain how authorize user (AU’s) tradelines work. This strategy is powerful when you need to add an extra boost to your credit file. AU’s help with credit age and credit utilization.

  • How authorized user accounts work
  • Pros of authorized user accounts
  • Cons of authorized user accounts
  • When to become an authorized user
  • Data Points: What to look for when considering an AU

▶️ Best Credit Cards for AU trade-lines | 0:11:29

In this module, I break down the best banks to look for when becoming an authorized user. I also explain the reporting rules with the banks and credit bureau’s. Lastly, I show you what key data points to know before becoming an AU.

# Which banks offer backdated reporting history
# Bank Issuer Policies
# Credit Bureau Policies
# Why accounts don’t show up
# How to get an AU removed from your report

▶️ How to become an AU for free. | 0:07:51

In this module, I explain how to become an authorized user for free. It’s very simple and easy to do.

# How to become an AU for free
# Where to start
# The approach

▶️ How to Purchase AU Tradlines | 0:15:10

In this module, I show you step-by-step how to purchase aged AU tradelines. This is a great strategy to use assuming you can’t become an AU on someone’s account for free.

# When to purchase AU tradelines
# Tradeline purchase key facts
# Tradeline vendor site walk through

– Week 10: Applying for Big Ticket Purchases | 3 Modules

▶️ Manifesting Your S.M.A.R.T. Credit Goals | 0:08:08

In this module, we’re going to revisit the S.M.A.R.T. Goals you created in week one of the program. I’m also going to share some very powerful success and wealth building principles to ensure you alway accomplish any financial goal you create for yourself.

# Assets vs liabilities
# Income statement
# The wealth equation
# Excellent Credit as an asset
# Visualization, daily affirmation & goals
# The power of autosuggestion

▶️ Kevin Trudeau – Your Wish is Your Command – Part 1 | 1:05:04

Additional Resources

▶️ Big Ticket Purchases: Do you meet the qualifications? | 0:16:47

In this module, I beak down the qualifications you need in order to position your credit and financial situation to purchase a big ticket. This is specific to your credit and cashflow. Learn how to position your file for your next new home or car.

# Credit File Qualifications
# D.T.I
# New Car or Home first?
# Tools and Resources

– The Auto Financing System (Bonus) | 4 Modules

▶️ How Much Car? | 0:22:37

In this module, I show you how to determine how much vehicle you can truly afford. You and only you are going to be responsible for the next 24,36,48,60 or more months for the car note and insurance. It’s important for you to understand the overall cost of your new vehicle. Just because you can afford the car payment does not mean you truly afford the vehicle financially.

# Deciding to Purchase
# Car Buying ratio
# Life Opportunity cost
# Vehicle Affordability
# Credit score recap
# Auto loan tiers

▶️ Buying New vs Used | 0:28:49

In this module, I’m going to help you determine if you want to purchases a new or used vehicle. I’m also going to show you the quickest and most efficient way to find the vehicle of your choice in a matter of minutes.

# How to find your car
# Understanding vehicle stickers
# New Car (Pros)
# New Car (Cons)
# Used Car (Pros)
# Used Car (Cons)

▶️ Getting Vehicle Financing | 0:17:35

In this module, I’m going to break down your options when it comes to financing your next vehicle. Also, I breakdown auto inquires and how this plays a role when finding the best deal for financing.

# Understanding Your Options
# Shopping
# Local Bank
# Online Resources
# Dealership
# Hard Inquiries

▶️ How to get the Best Price | 0:24:37

In this module, I cover how to get the best price on your car. Buying a new car is no easy task. Calling dealerships, negotiating a fair price, threatening to “walk” if you can’t get the right deal is all apart of the process. After you complete this module you will be equipped with the blueprint to get your vehicle for the lowest price possible.

# Dealer terms
# What you can negotiate
# The Out the Door Price
# Best price for a new car
# The Car Buying Checklist

– The Home Buying Blueprint: (Bonus) | 7 Modules

▶️ The Home Buying Process | 0:18:44

In this module, I cover the home buying process and things to considered before you start the journey of homeownership. Buying a home could be one of the best investments you make so approaching this purchase as an informed buyer is the key to your success.

# When should you buy
# Are you ready to buy
# Credit Score for the best interest rate
# Common home buying myths
# Renting vs Buying
# The Team
# Protection : Knowing Your Rights

▶️ How Much Home? | 0:21:34

In this module, I cover a very important question. How much home do I qualify for? More specifically, how can I purchase my dream home while making sure I still accomplish all of my other financial goals. Essentially how do I leverage my credit and cash flow to purchase an asset that will grow my net-worth and increase in value for my price I pay.

# Thinking about your financial goals
# Down payments + PMI
# Getting the Pre-approval
# Home Buying Ratio
# Understating your DTI
# Finding an Awesome Agent
# Finding the Right Loan officer

▶️ Getting Pre-Approved | 0:10:47

In this module, I cover one of the most important steps before you start searching for your new home. The “Pre-Approval”. I also cover how to find the best realtor and loan officer to maximize the amount and type of home you qualify for.

# Types of Loans
# 15 or 30-year Mortgage?
# Pre Approvals
# First Time Home Buyer Programs
# First Time Home Buyer Grants
# First Time Home Buyer Loans

▶️ Home Loans: Types of Mortgages | 0:14:36

In this module, I explain the different mortgage options to consider when purchasing your home. This module will prepare you to work with a loan officer. Remember the bank doesn’t want to lose money, so finding a loan officer that can match you with the right lender and the right mortgage is imperative.

# 4 C’s of Lending
# FHA Loans
# USDA Loans
# VA Loans
# Conventional Loans
# Submitting the application
# Home loan processing
# Loan Underwriting

▶️ Finding Your Home (Investment) | 0:12:57

In this module, I cover how to find your you home. Now that you’ve been pre-approved, let’s find the home that meets are specifications and fits with the amount we’ve been tentatively approved for by the lender.

# Types of Properties
# Searching for your home
# Viewing Homes
# Making an offer + locking down your dream home
# Negotiation tips + Counter offers
# Finalizing the offer contract

▶️ Closing on Your Home | 0:10:59

In this module, I cover the key things to be prepared for when closing on your home. Closing day can be intimidating with a lot of paperwork to sign, and the process can take a few hours. While every closing differs based on unique situations

# The Appraisal
# Home Inspections
# How to handle issues after the inspection
# Renegotiating after the inspection

▶️ Home Ownership | 0:09:07

In this module, I cover the high-level things to consider now that you’re a homeowner. Congrats! You’re now apart of the go ole American dream.

# Getting the Keys + Moving in
# Home Maintenance
# The Monthly Mortgage Payment
# Insuring Your Home

What is the Investment to Participate in the 700 Credit Score Academy?

How much does profound and true change in your financial life cost?
I have no idea how important it is to make a really profound change in your financial life right now, but one thing is for sure…
Thousands of people spend years trying to reach their financial dreams and often fail … because life is really short.
And without a Coaching Program like the 700 Credit Score Academy, you can struggle to improve your financial life!

When you sign up for a program like this, that’s what you’re buying:

Plus, 5 VERY SPECIAL BONUSES, if you sign up now:
Total Value $2485

# Bonus 1 – # Bonus 1 – The Auto Financing System

▶️ (From $497 to $0)

▶️ Program Overview & The Road Ahead | 0:53:32

See the topics you will learn in this complete training on Smart Vehicle Financing:


✔ How Much Car?

I show you how to determine how much vehicle you can truly afford. You and only you are going to be responsible for the next 24,36,48,60 or more months for the car note and insurance. It’s important for you to understand the overall cost of your new vehicle. Just because you can afford the car payment does not mean you truly afford the vehicle financially.


✔ Buying New vs Used

I’m going to help you determine if you want to purchase a new or used vehicle. I’m also going to show you the quickest and most efficient way to find the vehicle of your choice in a matter of minutes.


✔ Getting Vehicle Financing

I’m going to break down your options when it comes to financing your next vehicle. Also, I breakdown auto inquiries and how this plays a role when finding the best deal for financing.


✔ How to get the Best Price

Buying a new car is no easy task. Calling dealerships, negotiating a fair price, threatening to “walk” if you can’t get the right deal is all apart from the process. After you complete this module you will be equipped with the blueprint to get your vehicle for the lowest possible price.

# Bonus 2 – The Home Buying Blueprint

▶️ (From $497 to $0)

A complete plan for buying a home… here are the topics you will learn:


✔ The Home Buying Process

✔ How Much Home?

✔ Getting Pre-Approved

✔ Home Loans: Types of Mortgages

✔ Finding Your Home (Investment)

✔ Closing on Your Home

✔ Home Ownership


And much, much more!

# Bonus 3 – The 20k Revolving Credit Blueprint

▶️ (From $497 to $0)

A complete plan for buying a home… here are the topics you will learn:

✔ The Home Buying Process

✔ Getting Pre-Approved

✔ Home Loans: Types of Mortgages

✔ Finding Your Home (Investment)

✔ Closing the deal

✔ Home Ownership

And much more!

# Bonus 4 – The Credit Card Tier System

▶️(From $497 to FREE)


# Bonus 5 – figures Blind Spot live training

▶️ (From $497 to FREE)

Here’s a Summary of What You’ll Learn…

✅ We’re going to start this training, with a really good conversation about how to reach 7 figures, without using your own money…

That is, without putting your family’s safety at risk;

And again, this is a serious B2B talk, where I will actually explain to you how I got from 0 to 7 figures and helped thousands of students to do the same! 

✅ You will learn the Top Mistakes that most entrepreneurs make, in an attempt to scale their Businesses to 7 figures… and you will learn how to AVOID or SOLVE these mistakes;

✅ We’ll talk about how you need to separate your personal money and your Business’s money, so you can use credit as intelligently as possible…

MONEY ATTRACTS MONEY (as long as you make wise decisions);

✅ You will learn how to use a Cash Flow Control System, which works in an OPERATIONAL and STRATEGIC way to help you maintain control on a daily basis

You’ll be shown how to get the best rates and advantages, when you decide to seek finance to leverage the growth of your Business;

✅ You will learn THE REAL DANGERS of investing your own money in the Business…

and believe me, there are many hidden traps, which few people know; 

✅ You will learn how credit works, to start structuring your Business (or your Business idea), to get the most funding in the future;

✅ You’ll get to know my 7 figures Business structure, to ELIMINATE any blind spots that still exists in your Business (or in your Business Plan)

In other words, we’re going to talk about:

✔ Mindset

✔ Products

✔ Customer Service

✔ Systems

✔ Cash Flow & Sales

✔ Team Management

✅ Once you are armed with all this knowledge and special training, I will explain what your next steps are.

All of this will help you Master the Art of Making Money, Without Marketing or Sales!

– 700 Credit Score Academy –

FROM $3,500

FOR ONLY $2,997

Upfront Payment

Or with a payment plan, as follows:
4 monthly payments of $499.70
Or 12 weekly payments of $170.32

✔ Immediate and Lifetime Access to the Online Members Area


✔ Follow-up with Weekly Meetings (LIVE, Online and in Group )


✔ Facebook Community


✔ Personalized Email Support


✔ The Auto Financing System


✔ The Home Buying Blueprint


✔ The 20k Revolving Credit Blueprint


✔ The Credit Card Tier System


And much, much more!


Everything you need to conquer the score of 700 Credits once and for all and take back control of your financial life!


(I am ready to achieve my financial freedom)

Contact us if you have any questions 

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You’ll Get Access to a System Designed to Help You Get Up to $250,000 in Business Financing…

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See what people are saying about the 700 Credit Score Academy…


Why Kenney Conwell?

Kenney Conwell is a seasoned and multifaceted entrepreneur, specifically in the financial space. He is a registered financial consultant and investment advisor who is globally awarded for his results-based, proven track record, making him an expert in his field.

Kenney is the creator of one of the fastest-growing online financial education platforms, #MyMoneyEdu, and the owner of CapitalWize, LLC, an independent investment management firm.

Throughout his professional career, Kenney has helped more than 24,000 people achieve their dream credit scores.

He has been affectionately coined, “Mr. Money Savvy,” by his peers and colleagues because he is just that…incredibly financially savvy.

His drive is fuelled by his memories of what he experienced as a result of having poor credit and lack of finances.

It became his mission to never be “unqualified” for what he desired again, so he learned the rules of the credit industry by becoming his own first client.

Once he successfully cleaned up his credit profile, he realized he now had knowledge that could change people’s lives.

To date, Kenney’s system has helped 24,751 people improve their credit by more than 3.1 million points, collectively remove 303,236 negative items from their credit reports, payoff close to $6 million in debt and invest over $15,000,000.

Here’s why I’m different: I started from $0 with no head start and no advantages.

I figured out how to improve my own credit by 224 points.

My family is not from money or a financial background, and I had no connections, no network, no money to borrow – nothing.

I started with a negative bank account, the car up for repossession, and multiple negative items on my credit.

Other so-called experts started with massive advantages, were able to borrow money, or had family business networks to take advantage of.

Other so-called experts took 5-10 years to get to where they are today.
I got myself here in 3 years.

When you choose a business/financial mentor, you want them to be successful and experienced, you don’t want them to have any head start, and you want them to achieve great success.

I have done all of that and produced more than most credit gurus and financial experts in the marketplace today.

Contact us if you have any questions

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this will work for me?

GREAT question! The 700 Credit Score Academy is different from other programs… we just don’t focus on removing the negative items from your credit report only. We are a comprehensive financial education platform with the goal of helping you leverage your credit to build wealth once you’re in a position to do so.

The program is designed to work with your specific skills, background, and current situation. People are different and credit is not a “1 size fits all” sort of game. The program begins with auditing what’s negatively impacting your reports the most. We then educate you on different strategies to start building credit. We show you a proven process to help you clean your glass, put ice in the glass (establish new credit accounts) then pour water in your glass (adding credit history and applying big-ticket items)

The program has an extremely high success rate and has one of the best track records in the US. This is largely due to the fact that the program is made to help you implement strategies to build credit while showing you how to legally remove negative items reporting on your report.

If you’re wondering if this program will work for you the answer is very clear, YES and we have the track record to prove it. You are also 100% covered, safe, and protected with our 72-hour money-back guarantee. Simply try the program out and if it doesn’t work for you just ask us for a full refund and we’ll happily do that – no skin off your back.

How long do I start seeing results with my personal credit?

That totally depends on your specific credit situation. Typically customers start seeing their initial results within the first 35-45 days after sending your initial challenge letters. Also, results depend on how quickly you implement credit building and cash-flow strategies. Improving your credit isn’t just about removing the negative items from your credit report. It’s also about paying your bills time, lowering your overall credit utilization, and making sure you re-establish new credit history.

Why is it so expensive?

If you think this program is too expensive then you’re probably thinking of this in terms of “training” or “information” and not in terms of what this will actually do for you and your family.

You purchase this program for the results that it will get you, not the videos and information inside of it. I’d think that $1,497 is expensive for a normal credit repair program too.” However, the 700 Credit Score Academy is not a normal credit repair service. It’s a comprehensive education program designed to help you shift your mindset about credit, hold you accountable to your goal, show you step-by-step how to build new credit, and lastly how to leverage your credit to purchase big-ticket items such as cars and homes. This system literally has the potential to give you hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest and put you on a track towards a 700 credit score. Those savings should be towards building your family’s wealth and not making the banks more money.

A person with less than perfect credit literally will pay almost 12,000 more in interest over the life of the auto loan for the same car! Just because the banks view their score as high risk.

The 700 Credit Score Academy is laser focussed on helping you get results. We don’t teach any “fluff,” there’s no politics or niceties, we get straight down to business, how to obtain a 700 credit score so you can finally get the things you deserve financially – And unlike college education, this program comes with a 100% money-back guarantee and has a track record of producing real-life results.

What you are paying for here is a shortcut towards your financial prosperity. Once you have better credit, you can redirect the money you would’ve paid in high-interest rates towards your savings, investments, or building more wealth for you and your family.

That’s the REAL COST of this information, that’s what it cost me to get to where I am today. This program gives you the shortcut so that you don’t need to go through that for yourself. $1,497 or that? You choose…

Is there a payment plan to help split the payments up and make it more affordable?

Yes, The 700 Credit Score Academy has the following payment plans. Typically the tuition to enroll in the program is a one-time payment of $3,497. However, if you’re viewing this page within your webinar deadline period you’ve been given a $2,000 scholarship coupon code towards the purchase price. Applying this scholarship brings the price down to a one-time payment of $1,497. However, if you are unable to afford this at once you can get started immediately with one of the three payment plan options.

4 monthly payments of $499.70 (payment plan) for a total of $1,988.80

12 weekly payments of $170.32 (payment plan) for a total of $2,043.84
If you select any of the payment plan options, the first payment is due today, then the rest of the balance will be paid based on its payment plan due date.

The payment plan options are slightly more expensive than the 1x payment option. If you can pay the $1,497 up-front, we strongly recommend that since you will save some money but I understand if you can’t swing it and that’s when the payment plan becomes a better option

The program and level of support you receive are the same whether you do 1x payment of $1,497 or any of the payment plans. Nothing changes at all other than the payment term.

Are there any hidden costs?

With most online programs, there are a ton of hidden costs, and they try to upsell you into fifty different things the moment you buy. This is NOT the case with the 700 Credit Score Academy.

When you join this program, there is nothing else to buy. You don’t need anything else, and I don’t even have anything else to sell you. I put everything I’ve got into this program, and I didn’t leave any gray areas. We do make a recommendation to get credit monitoring services and establish new credit builder accounts – which typically have an outside cost but are things you would’ve had to purchase anyway.

This program is not “half the answer”. It’s not even “almost everything.” This program is EVERYTHING you need. I will show you how to go from knowing nothing at all about credit, cash flow, budgeting, etc. to the point where you have your successful financial situation, and we’ll probably teach others in your network how to do the same. There’s no catch, no hidden costs or fees, and you get everything you need the moment you sign up.

What do I get when I join?

It’s different from every course out there to date. Here’s how:
The Proven Process

I’ve turned the unknown, in the gray area of ​​how to improve your credit, and turned it into a precise science. While others use guesswork, we use a predictable, proven process. We’re confident this process will work for you. It’s not even up to chance. The only thing that’s up to chance is whether you’ll do it or not. We’ve got a proven process.

A New Paradigm

I engineered a new way to think and reprogram your mind that is so profound, and it’s like seeing for the first time. People often tell me, “I see my finances and credit differently. Things are different now. My life has changed.”

I’m not kidding with this stuff. When you reprogram your mind and install this new paradigm I created, you’re going to see things differently. You’re going to behave differently, and you’re going to become a different, better person.

If you’ve ever wondered what makes a billionaire a billion it’s that they think differently. They see the world differently. What you might see as a problem, they see as an opportunity. What you see as a disaster, they see as something else. You don’t see the same things they see, and you don’t have the same thoughts they have.

Really successful people have profoundly different paradigms, and worldviews than the one’s society has adopted and installed into us by default. There hasn’t been a time before where someone has given everyone a corrected paradigm to operate with, but that’s what I’ve done with this program.

We’re able to get this new, better way of viewing the world installed in most people in just a few weeks. It took me my entire life to figure out how to do this, and it takes billionaires their whole lives, too. But we get you thinking differently in just a few weeks.

A Winning Community

It’s hard to change your life when you’re surrounded by the same people you’ve always been surrounded by. But we have a solution to this problem. All of our students join the community of people on the same path nationwide, so their dreams aren’t laughed at but achieved daily.

Like I mentioned earlier, society gives sympathy to people who don’t win, and it frowns upon winners, which is messed up if you think about it. In our community, our group, we only celebrate winners. People who lose have to choose for themselves to become a winner.

With this program, you will have access to the Facebook group, and you will want to start hanging out in the Facebook group. You can still be friends with the people you’re friends with, and you can, of course, keep the same family. I’m not saying you have to leave them or anything. You need to find a healthy balance between people who believe they can win, and your family and friends.

Because if you just have your family and friends, they’re going to pull on your belief in yourself, and you’re going to end up back down at their level. You need to have a healthy balance, so always remember that.

Expert Mentorship

Most of the time, it’s not a good idea to talk about your dreams and financial goals in front of people who aren’t on the same path as you. It will just draw criticism. But how can they judge your dreams and goals? They’re not even sure what they want or have the results in their life.

So, it’s probably a good idea to ask credit questions and talk about your dreams with people in our community, and when it comes to hanging out with family and friends, keep those things separate. This way, you can keep your mind in the right place and in expert mentorship.

Everyone needs advice and help when tackling new challenges, but true experts are out of reach for most people. You know experts cost a lot of money. I don’t even sell my time anymore.

People who give excellent advice are expensive, and most of the time they are out of reach. However, I’ve figured out a way to get expert mentors in touch with ordinary, everyday people in an economical way. That is through our Facebook community and our group calls. I jump in the Facebook group often, and I’ve got credit and experts and coaches who also jump in and help there, too. This is how we can provide expert mentorship to everyone.

These four elements make up what I call the perfectly engineered change agent. As you’re going through this process, it’s important to remember these four things.

Always remember that just one of these things on its own isn’t going to get you where you want to go. You need it all. All four parts are equally important, and if you take one out, the whole thing will fall over. You must keep all four at all times.

I’ve done these programs before and they don’t get completed or I don’t get any results with them?

Yep! I’ve done many of these programs too! The truth is that most programs don’t deliver and here’s why:

Most programs contain information but no clear course of action so that you can do something and get results. The Credit Coaching program is different because it teaches the principle lesson, then it provides examples to cement the idea in your brain. Then it gives you the step by step implementation plan so that you can implement what you’ve learned in the real world and get results. Most programs contain and implement unproven theory and don’t come from real-life experience.

This program comes from my own life experience of improving my personal credit, starting a credit education business from nothing, and helping more than 24,000 people in 2 years. I take everything I’ve learned from being on the front lines of credit and finance every day. I was a financial advisor and financial expert before making this program, and I still am one to this very day. This program is based on real-life, and the methods taught work in this current marketplace at this present minute. No bullshit theory, just step by step action items to put you on the journey towards a 700 credit score.

Most programs are out of date, or they quickly go out of date and no longer work. This program is up to date to this current second, and everything you will learn will work in this current marketplace. I also ruthlessly update all the processes and content the second it becomes irrelevant so that it’s always up to date and working – and you get access to these updates – all included in your purchase. Most programs are created by people in an attempt to make money for themselves, and they don’t care whether the programs work or not. This program is not an “attempt to make money.” This program is my life’s work, and I care about it immensely. Financial education and credit is my obsession; it’s what I live and breathe every single day from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep.

When you join this program, you will notice that this is leaps and bounds beyond anything else you have ever seen and truly a work of passion. This program is not just “good,” it gets results too.

How does the refund guarantee work?

When you join the 700 Credit Score academy, you are 100% covered, safe, and protected by our 72-hour money-back guarantee.

What are the conditions for the guarantee?

Very simple: All I ask is tell us why this program was not a good fit for you and your credit needs. What did you expect that you did not get once inside the program?

Those are the terms plain and simple, and they are very fair. We uphold our guarantee obligations, and you can rest assured that your purchase is 100% risk-free. Like I said… The only way you can lose is by not trying this out.

What kind of support do I get in this program?

When you join the 700 Credit Score Academy, you get A LOT of support every single step of the way. I care about your results, and to get results, you need support.

Here’s what you get the moment you join:

Facebook Group Support: You get access to our Facebook group for support 24/7/365. You can ask a question here any time you like, and a member of the group will help you out. I also employ trained and highly paid coaches to help with support in the Facebook group. This is an invaluable support network.

Coaching Call Support: Every week, we hold 2x weekly Q&A Coaching Calls. Monday and Thursday from 8:30 pm est pm every single week. Each call runs for about 1 hour, and you can show up and ask any questions you have about life and either myself or one of my highly skilled coaches will help you out.

Email Support: On top of the Facebook group and the weekly calls… You also get access to my full-time customer support team. Simply contact my team via email at any time, and they will respond promptly.

You get access to all of these support channels for life when you enroll today.

When does this program start and what happens if I miss a class or go on a vacation?

The 700 Credit Score Academy is taught through pre-recorded videos and PDF files, which are all available online 24/7/365. It doesn’t matter if you get married, go on a one month vacation, or miss a training class. All of the information is available in the content portal, and you can access it at any time.
You get full lifetime access to this training so you will never “fall behind” or miss out on anything. We got you covered!

If you can’t make one of the Live Coaching Calls or miss one by accident, we’ve got you covered too! Every single call is recorded and then uploaded in the Facebook group so that you never miss a beat. Show up live or view the recordings. You will never miss a call or fall behind, and you get lifetime access to the calls.
You can start this program the moment you sign up. When you click the buy button, you will be in the portal within a matter of minutes and have access to all the training and support.
You can start tonight and be taking action first thing tomorrow. The best time to start is always now.

What if I’m not ready now? Can you hold my spot for a few months?

No, this offer is going away. When the countdown timer hit’s 00:00:00 which is happening very soon (see the countdown timer at the top of this page) this page comes offline, this deal will be taken offline.

At this point, you’re free to buy the program at the regular price of $3,500 off our website. There will be absolutely ZERO exceptions on this, and if you miss this offer by 1-minute, 1 day, 1 week or even 1 month, it doesn’t matter one bit – it will cost you $3,500.

Look… If you are serious about improving your credit and changing your life for the better, you need to do it right now. The “perfect time” will never come. Believe me… Those waiting for the perfect time end up on their deathbed swearing they will “do it tomorrow.” The perfect time is right now, and those who take action quickly always get the best results. Stop procrastinating, stop putting off a better life for yourself and your family – that should be your priority and your duty – do it now!

Can I buy only a portion of the program because I only need help with ________?

Nope. This program is designed to be a proven process from start to finish. You start at milestone 1 module 1 and work systematically through to the end. When executed correctly, this program gets results like nothing else, and I am not going to mess with the process.

Honestly… You might think that you have a problem with 1 thing only, but I can tell you from coaching thousands of others that’s never the case! You don’t know what you don’t know, and if your credit and finances aren’t where they need to be, then you’re missing more than you think. It’s never just one thing that makes or breaks somebody in personal finance or credit – it’s a collection of all things executed the correct way all in harmony together.

The program will not be split up. The answer is no, and if you’re not committed enough to do the whole thing, please find another program to help you. And I say “help you” knowing full right that it will not help you. So please do not blame me when you get access to that 1 thing and you’re still not successful, I did warn you.

Do I get one-on-one access to Kenney Conwell personally?

The 700 Credit Score Academy is an online coaching and learning academy, which means the training is created by me, recorded by me, and all my work. It’s my best work too. So when you enroll in this program, you are learning directly from me, and you’re learning my absolute best stuff, I hold nothing back.

You get access to the online learning academy, the Facebook community, and the twice-weekly Q&A Coaching calls. I am in the Facebook group every single day, and I read people’s posts, reply to them, and provide feedback. I also attend some of the coaching calls each week. When I’m not on the calls, my well trained and highly paid coaches handle them for me, and they are the best of the best.

Kenney Conwell – All Rights Reserverd 2022