3 Reasons Why Lenders Don’t Take You Seriously

There are a number of reasons why lenders don’t take you seriously.

Here are three possible reasons why:

First, your company does not appear legit. Appearance is everything and lenders will screen you before giving you the attention you want.

Second, to appear legit, you need to have at least your DUNS number, EIN, business phone number, and a commercial address for your company. Not having these or not setting these up correctly can affect how the lenders see you;

Lastly, you did not build up the Tier 1 to 7 accounts. Following these tiers step by step will ensure that you have enough tradelines per tier to get noticed by the lenders.

Take note of these three important reasons and make sure to work on these so you can get started with your business credit goals.

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-Kenney Conwell