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Step 2: We need Your Credit Reports

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Once you have decided you want to rebuild or improve your credit, the first step is knowing where you currently stand. This is a fairly simple step, which involves getting your 3 major credit reports. The 3 major credit bureaus are: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Getting a credit report from each of them is vital because each credit report could be (and usually are) different. You may have a derogatory account or an inaccurate account on 1 credit report but not on any other credit report.

That’s why getting 1 of each is so important!

We need to make sure we get all the negative items removed

from all 3 credit bureaus.
We prefer you sign up for Identity IQ.

It’s only $1 to sign up for 7 days and then $19.99 mo afterwards.
This will allow you the ability to watch things fall off and

get updated as your credit coach works on your file.​

Should you keep this service?

Yes we  would like  for you to  use this monitoring service

for these reasons: 

1. You will  be  able to monitor your 3 Bureau Credit Report & Scores. Credit  Karma is not an actual credit score and  only shows your Transunion and Equifax Report

2.   We need to get account  numbers  from these reports. If any new items pop up and you don’t have a monitoring service we will not  be able to attack them and have them deleted.

3. You need  to  protect yourself  from Identity  Theft this service comes with $50,000 ID Theft Insurance 


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