Raise $250k to $1M in Bank Capital, or you don't pay

Without the frustration of getting high interest or weekly payback predatory lending products that crush your cash flow so you can make an additional 6 figure to 7 figures using the bank's money

Introducing The Capital on Demand Program™

The Four Keys to Max Bank Capital

  • Entity Structure: Industry classification
  • Credit Profile: 95 or higher FundLev Score  
  • D.T.I: Debt-to-income ratio below 35% 
  • Cash flow: Business currently producing monthly cash flow

The S.C.A.L.E System

  • Structure
    • How to Form Your Holding Management Co 
    • How to optimize your H.M.C. Holding Management Co  
    • How to establish your Hold Co business credit report 
    • How to create your corporate presence, professional email, and website
  • CashFlow
    • How to manage your cash flow as an entrepreneur 
    • How to install The profit-first system in your business
    • How to pay yourself as a business owner 
    • How to make profit distributions
  • Asset
    • How to position and protect your Personal Credit as an asset 
    • How to position your Business Credit as an asset 
    • How to protect your existing Real estate against lawsuits 
    • How to leverage the equity in your home without selling it or doing a cash-out refinance 
    • How to structure your existing business entities 
    • How to leverage your retirement accounts without penalties or early tax hits
  • Leverage
    • Corporate Credit
      • How to get credit for things their business is paying for that don’t report to the business bureaus.
    • Business Credit Cards
      • How do you implement the business credit card stacking system so you can get multiple business credit cards?
    • Business Funding
      • How to get unsecured term loans, aka “money up front” 
      • How to get unsecured lines of credit  “pools of cash”
  • Execution
    • You'll have lifetime access to your online education portal
      We help you implement up to 15 leverage pathways over 12 months
      • Our most popular ones are
        • Unsecured Term Loan - (1) 
        • Unsecured BLOC - (2)  
        • Business Credit Card Stacker (3)
        • HELOC Leverage Accelerator  - (4)
    • Connect with our law firm if you need help forming your holding company or generational wealth structure. 
    • Connect you with our CPAFirm, who can help you re-file your tax returns for maximum funding. 
    • Help you with your 2023 or 2024 tax funding strategy to ensure you pay the right amount of tax to 10x your unsecured funding leverage. Would you pay 15K if you knew you’d get access to 150K?  
    • Private Slack channel with an account manager 
    • Twice weekly group coaching calls


Fundability Score 


Raise Capital Consistently and Strategically

Safely Leverage our network of banks and various vetted fundraising relationships to tap into the capital.
  • From lines of credit to asset based lending to purchasing equipment w/ credit to more traditional products like credit cards we have a robust network with every use case in mind. Even negotiating terms with lenders and getting government funding.
  • Leverage people and systems
  • Customer Financing to close more sales
  • Business Credit Card Stacking (Leverage)
  • Direct connection with lending-friendly banking institutions
  • Turn your cash flow into working capital with regular funding rounds

Process: The Infinite Leverage Blueprint - We help full-time entrepreneurs with $250K or more in annual revenue obtain unsecured capital without the frustration of getting high-interest rates or weekly predatory lending products that crush cash flow and prevent SCALE. 


Program Bonuses 

  • Done-For-You funding implementation - $4,997 value
    • We’ll help you implement each leverage pathway with our private network of banks and lender
  • Done-For-You Bank Research - $4,997 value
    • All banks aren’t created equal. Knowing what banks, credit unions, and financial institutions to apply to is pivotal to getting maximum capital. 
  •  Business Credit Mastery - $4,997 value
    • How to go from 0-250K in business credit in 12 months or less
  • Credit Card Mastery - $2,997 value
    • How to travel and fly for free using rewards points 
  • The B.N.O Blueprint (Business Name Only) -$1,997 Value
    • Learn how to purchase vehicles in your business's name without the loan reporting to your personal credit.
  • 700 Credit Score Academy -$1,997 value
    • How to think like the banks and make  big-ticket purchases
  • The Cash Flow Control System - $997 value
    • How to manage your personal income using the 3-bucket system. This will ensure you manage your cash according to past commitments, present choices, and future savings or investing goals.
  • My wealth Health -$4,997
    • Personal financial management software that tracks all of your finances in one place, along with your net worth

Scale Your Business by Strategically Using the Bank's Money

Use the bank's money to buy cash flow producing assets that you
then leverage to buy passive income assets.

  • Leverage Credit - Become A "Credit Investor"
  • Deploy The Capital
  • Create/Duplicate A Cash Flow System
  • Multiply Cash Flow
  • Leverage Cash Flow To Invest In Assets

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Raise $250k to $1M in Bank Capital, or you don't pay

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