We'll Help you Get 100k in Capital in the Next 100 Days or you Don't Pay

Without the frustration of getting high interest or weekly payback predatory lending products that crush your cash flow so you can make an additional 6 figure to 7 figures using the bank's money

Introducing The Infinite Leverage Blueprint™

In House Underwriting: Structure The Deal To Win (7-14 Days)

  • Fortune 500 Company in a box
  • Holding company credit optimized for both TBM and OPM
  • EXIT-able Business Structure
  • Helps you avoid restricted industries
  • Allows you to get maximum funding from your business
  • Help you separate your personal credit from your business credit
  • Lots of tax and liability benefits as well
  • Virtual Office (Includes: Phone, Mail, Unique Address & Lease agreement)
  • Done for you Dun and Bradstreet and EIN # implementation.
  • Holding Company website, branded email, NAIC Code selection implementation. Plus, articles of organization, operating agreement, operating manual, and bonus things to keep in mind guide.

Holding Company ($3,997 Value) We will have our legal partners set up a new business management holding company.

This will include a business address for one year, a lease agreement, an operating agreement, and articles of organization.

In addition, our staff will help you set up your duns #, EIN #, corporate website, branded email, and business checking account.

This will be your new holding company that's used for business credit, risk management and protection purposes.

We HIGHLY recommend entrepreneurs in restricted industries (Financial Services, Real Estate, or Transportation and Logistics) to get this.

Build Business Reports By Adding Tradelines Strategically

  • Use Smart Credit Stacking System Leverage + Execution
  • This is the roadmap to 250K in real business credit.
  • Corporate Credit (Tiers 1-4) - 80 D&B and Experian business score
  • Business Credit (Tiers 5-7) Business Credit Cards
  • Business Funding (Cash Credit) - 20K per month and 1 year in business
  • Starting with vendor credit we help you build a business profile and reputation that opens doors to all the credit and capital you need to grow and scale your business.

We work with you to help you access smart vendor accounts that are actually an asset to your business specifically so the money you invest in building your business credit is not a sunk cost but actually making you money.

Overall we're here to help you throughout the entire process to ensure you stay in alignment with the credit optimization building plan while also staying on top of maximizing the leverage you have available in your business.

Personal Credit Boost: Clean Up Your Credit Before Applying

Lendable PERSONal Profile
  • Personal Credit Makeover -> Bankers Personal Profile
  • Add the right accounts and history that lenders are looking for.
  • We're going to show you how to transition from Y.O.M. to O.P.M. - Your own money to other people's money.
  • Help you completely separate your personal credit
  • DFY Inquiry Removal (includes a maximum of 15 inquires from all 3 bureaus collectively).
  • Refinance your auto loan from personal credit to business credit.
  • Credit Card Stacking (Leverage)
  • Credit reviews as needed (on a regular cadence)

Raise Capital Consistently and Strategically

Make Introductions With Partner Banks and Begin First Round of Fundraising (21-45 Days)

OPM and TBM - Raise Capital and Get Funding!

Safely Leverage our network of banks and various vetted fundraising relationships to tap into the capital.
  • From lines of credit to asset based lending to purchasing equipment w/ credit to more traditional products like credit cards we have a robust network with every use case in mind. Even negotiating terms with lenders and getting government funding.
  • Leverage people and systems
  • Customer Financing to close more sales
  • Business Credit Card Stacking (Leverage)
  • Direct connection with lending-friendly banking institutions
  • Turn your cash flow into working capital with regular funding rounds
  • Quick lending opportunities. 3-4x your current cash flow
  • Real Estate funding

Types of Capital

  • Resolving Lines of Credit
  • Unsecured Credit Cards
  • Term Loans
  • Purchase and Sale Capital
  • Real Estate Acquisition Capital
  • Unsecured Revolving Credit Stacking
  • Equipment Financing
  • Business Vehicle Financing
  • And More

Scale Your Business by Strategically Using the Bank's Money

Use the bank's money to buy cash flow producing assets that you
then leverage to buy passive income assets.

  • Leverage Credit - Become A "Credit Investor"
  • Deploy The Capital
  • Create/Duplicate A Cash Flow System
  • Multiply Cash Flow
  • Leverage Cash Flow To Invest In Assets

Bankable Business Guarantee

We Must Be Crazy.....No Risk Guarantee

100K in Business Credit Guaranteed in the next 120 Days


You Pay Nothing + We Continue To Work With You To Get You Capital


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100k in Business Funding in the next 100 Days or you don't pay

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