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Creating First-Generation Millionaires

The path to building wealth used to mean going to school, building a career, buying a home, and investing in a 401(k). However, these things are no longer the only path to building wealth.

MyMoneyEDU seeks to offer time freedom and financial freedom to first-generation millionaires. They do this by learning to leverage four resources:

Leverage a cash flow system

Learn to focus on increasing personal income by starting their own business or working a side hustle.

Leverage personal and business credit

Although the saying is “cash is king,” the truth is that credit is queen. Use both personal and business credit to maximize your ability to generate wealth.

Leverage the stock market

Learn how to invest actively or passively in stocks. MyMoneyEDU tells them to start by investing in companies they use every day (like their toothpaste company, streaming service, or favorite restaurant chains).

Leverage tax planning

Learn that when tax planning is done correctly, they can avoid overpaying on taxes. This is known as tax avoidance, a strategy utilized by the wealthy to hold onto their wealth.

A Wealth Strategist - Kenney Conwell!

If you have an idea but don’t know how to make it a reality? Kenney Conwell is your man.

Kenney Conwell is an Atlanta-based financial education coach and wealth strategist. He created MyMoneyEDU to help people learn how to fix, improve, maintain excellent credit, and How to get up to 250k in business funding in the next 12 months or less. His services help people reduce their taxes, increase their cash flow, and build their net worth.

...A Void in the Minority Community

Kenney started his career selling insurance. When he visited low-income families, he saw the differences in their lifestyles, conversations, and mindset. His work in the insurance industry opened his eyes to a massive void in the minority community.

These communities face a lack of financial education and lack of access to financial resources, leaving them in a generational cycle of poverty. Kenney believes that repairing financial disparities is an essential component to improving communities.

From this experience, Kenney grew obsessed with learning everything he could about credit. He didn’t just want to learn about credit scores. Instead, he uncovered strategies used by “insiders” on how to get credit, leverage it, and use that credit to build wealth. He learned to protect financial assets from loss using the same blueprint one-percenters use to grow their wealth.

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